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Alright, time to get rid of those Carbs! I know, I know! You are thinking to yourself right now “Oh Hell No! I cannot do that” but yes you can!

I am not gonna lie at first it is hard but after the first week you will start seeing the pounds come off and you will be motivated to not eat another piece of bread for a looong time. Simply put, Paleo is based on a Meat and Vegetable diet with no grains, legumes, sugars, and processed foods. Grains include pastas, bread, corn; legumes are beans, soy, & peanuts. Don’t focus on this being a diet and on all of the things you cannot eat. I rarely ever feel hunger because I am constantly snacking on something (which Kyle is totally against, Whoops!) Let’s focus on what you can eat, Meat/proteins, nuts, good oils (coconut oil, olive oil, ghee), fruits and vegetables. You do not want to eat any processed foods, when looking for dressings/sauces you want them to be as natural as possible and not have any ingredients you cannot pronounce. Dairy is a hot topic that needs to be discussed in it’s own post but he’s the skinny, if you cannot live without dairy keep it minimal if you can easily skip it then I encourage you to skip it. They also want you to buy organic, grass fed meats/produce, Kyle and I try to buy it whenever we can but often times I do skip this piece of the puzzle.

The is a great website I often use for recipes & she has put together a great section on how to start.

This is her list of Paleo Essentials for your cupboard

The other good list is this top 10 tips for beginners

My favorite is #1 because that is my secret to success! Lots and lots of water and coffee!!

And feel free to contact me or Kyle if you have any questions!! Hopefully this blog helps you guys out. Since I am going to try and keep it basic I will post links to other websites to help you with more information.


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