Week 1 preparation


When getting ready for a grocery shopping trip I start by making a list of breakfasts and dinners that I want to make for the whole week. Once I get my list together I delete what I have in the the house and now I have a list of things I need from the store. After I go over breakfast and dinners, I will add my snack and fruit options to the list.

Also, when I am planning my dinners I take into account my work schedule. I try to plan crock pot meals on days I work a lot and more difficult meals on my off days.

Next I will go through the store weekly ads to see where I can get the most “bang for my buck.” One of the biggest complaints about paleo is that it can get pretty expensive when your buying all of the things you need. Things like: Meat, fish, almond butter, almond meal, organic fruits, and veggies can get pretty expensive. Don’t crucify me but I only buy organic and grass fed when it is on sale.
– Buy in bulk online or in the store
– Stock up when stuff is on sale
– Shop around
– Buy as much as you can at Aldi!

This is what my shopping list consists of for the meals I plan on making this week. I don’t have any lunch ideas on my list because I usually take left overs for lunch. But a great first week lunch idea are unwiches(deli meat wrapped in iceberg lettuce with other veggies I. E. Cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese & onions)

Shopping list for week one–
Fruits and veggies
Green beans
Mushrooms– two large mushroom caps and shiitake
Onions- 2 white and a bag of sweet
Head of lettuce
Sweet potato

Gluten free soy sauce

Ground beef
Chicken breasts
Pork chops
Deli meat- ham

Possible Snacks
Snacking and coffee are what help me get through my day. Pick your favorites!

– Nuts
– Apple sauce
– Pork rinds
– Raisins
– Tuna(tuna and mustard) stuffed Cherry tomatoes
– Baby carrots
– Sweet potato chips- http://baublesandbakedgoods.blogspot.nl/2013/06/crispy-baked-sweet-potato-chips.html?m=1
-Almond milk
– “Ants on a log”–Almond butter, celery and raisins
– Hard boiled eggs

I wake up VERY early so I look for things I can make ahead of time and be able to grab n go!

– Baked ham and egg cups- http://www.fitsugar.com/Baked-Eggs-Ham-Cups-21616192

– Eggs and bacon

– Banana with 1 cup of almond milk (unsweetened)

These are my dinner ideas for the week.

– Cuban pork chops and broccoli- http://iwasborntocook.com/cuban-pork-chops-for-krystals-baby-shower/

– Burgers with mushroom cap- ground beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard and avacado

– Spicy chicken and green beans- http://www.nutmegnanny.com/2011/07/27/honey-spiced-glazed-chicken/

– Friday- shrimp fried “rice” – http://stupideasypaleo.com/2011/10/28/cauliflower-sid/

If you are craving something sweet just Pinterest Paleo Desserts and you will get a bunch of ideas. Personally, I am really going to try and stay away from desserts but I understand that sweets are very addicting. This recipe is one of my favorites.

Fried bananas- http://rachelschultz.com/2013/05/15/fried-honey-bananas/

*I only have four dinners because there will be days I won’t want to cook and I will pick up some chipotle or jimmy johns. Also, I have a tendency of wasting food so if I do decide I want to cook another meal I will buy the food the day I need it.

Good luck with week 1!!
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Eat Real Food


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