Sweet Tooth?….More like Sweet Teeth!

I have a huge sweet tooth which made the whole no sugar thing very difficult. This is why I eat a lot of fruit and honey since I cannot eat sugar and candy. Honestly, the fruit definitely does the trick. Also after a few weeks I didn’t even have the cravings anymore. When Kyle gets a sweet craving he sometimes gets some dark chocolate to munch on but I unfortunately do not like dark chocolate. Another thing I eat when I am craving something sweet is sweet potatoes with honey. The honey I use is fresh from the farmers market.

The one thing that we made that I was pretty impressed with was Paleo Carrot cake. http://fastpaleo.com/paleo-skinny-carrot-cake-with-coconut-cream-frosting/ There is a substitution for everything! Yes, it gets expensive but we try to make something fun and new every once in a while. When you do want to try something new, the world is your oyster, all we do is Google Paleo desserts and you get so many results. The other crazy dessert Kyle made one day was a Chocolate mouse fruit dip made from Avocados, honey, and cocoa powder! Yes avocados and it was amazing!

When I crave dessert after dinner I usually just go for my greek yogurt with fruit and honey snack and it usually its the spot. Like I mentioned after a while you won’t even crave sweets anymore and it becomes just a once in a while treat. I was surprised when I kicked the cravings because of my huge sweet tooth.

A very important thing to note is I NEVER give into temptation when it comes to sugar. Once it is out of my system I like to keep it there. One day my director said to me “C’mon Carla! One cookie is not going to kill you or ruin your diet!” He may be correct I could probably still lose weight but that’s not the point! That cookie for me is like a gateway drug, just one could send me into a sugar downfall and I do not want to take that chance.

So you caught me, My name is Carla and I am addicted to sugar and am now a recovering sugar addict 🙂



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