The History of Paleo as Told by Me

The Paleothic Diet

A diet based on the consumption of wild animals and plants that our ancestors ate 10,000 years ago. The idea of hunting and gathering your own food is cleanest form of eating. You want to eat food that can be hunted and fished like meat and seafood along with foods that can be gathered like eggs, fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. You will want to exclude grains, dairy, legumes, processed oils, salt and refined sugars. We still use seat salt but I am not a huge salt person anyways.

Dairy is something that the Paleo community is very on the fence about. Some say get rid of it, some say limit it, and others say drink if you want. If you start to read about dairy farms and see the condition that these cows are in it actually pretty gross. Once I learned about this I could not look at another glass of milk the same way but me and cheese cannot part ways. I try very hard to limit myself to one piece of cheese a day. I am also a huge fan of greek yogurt. Sometimes for breakfast, lunch, snack or sometimes dinner if I am tired enough, I cut up a piece of fruit & add honey and nuts to a cup of greek yogurt. Mmmm

Fruits and Veggies I try to buy from the farmers market to keep them as clean as possible. I am also fortunate enough to live in Indiana and work with a bunch of people who have their own gardens and are willing to share with the crew! I like to joke that I have my own Lettuce and Veggie Suppliers. I will admit I may eat too much fruit which doesn’t help with my Families history of diabetes but really c’mon eating 2/3 fruits a day is not going to kill me.

Physical Activity is something I have really been lacking. It is encouraged you get out and take long walks. My husband would go out and walk 4-5 miles but to me that is just boring! Long walks and light weight training is what is recommended for me has turned to swimming and light weight training. I absolutely adore to be in the water and it is a great work out.

I am really not going to get into the health reasons for doing Paleo, only because I really do not know that much about it. Kyle is the one to ask about this kind of stuff and as soon as he gets his blog up and going I will point you in his direction.




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