Why Paleo?

I’ll try and keep this sweet and simple. TRY is the key word

I left Chicago to pursue my dream job in October and that is when Kyle decided to do Paleo since I was the one against it and was not willing to make the lifestyle change he had to wait until I left. I feel like as soon as I walked out the door and hit the road he immediately started ran sacking the fridge and cupboards throwing out all of the “Poison” as he puts it. Flash forward 4 months he was down almost 50 lbs! OK OK! I’m convinced! February 9th was pretty much the day my life changed in so many ways. The sister of one of my closest friends tragically past away and I realized how precious life is and it was time to change. I decided to do Paleo Lent and commit 47 days to real weight loss and I dedicated it to Danielle.

In those days it was HARD! I just kept telling myself “Danielle would not want me to eat this” whether it was true or not I made myself believe she wouldn’t want me to eat it. I know she definitely wouldn’t want me to fail so it worked! If there was temptation around and other people were eating it I would literally have them describe the taste to me as they ate. I made it through the long 47 days and by the end I didn’t even want any of the bad stuff anymore! I found different ways to kill my cravings by getting creative. I also found my food to TASTE BETTER! Flavors for more flavorful, colors were brighter, all those cliche things. But seriously for once in my life it felt like I was really tasting my food and not just STUFFING MY FACE.

Other benefits, I was sleeping so much better than I had ever slept before. I had energy for days and I could make it through the day without needing to nap. I don’t really have aches and pains but I did notice that when getting out of bed in the morning I didn’t feel stiff or need to stretch.

and the final reason I continued with Paleo, IT WORKS!! I am definitely that person who has tried every fad diet out there. I have done south beach, weight watchers, atkins, the cayenne pepper cleanse, you name it and I have probably tried it……for one week. I always felt hungry and miserable! With Paleo I never felt restricted and I was always full. I ate my face off in meats and vegetables. I could have probably lost more weight by eating less but I would rather lose weight slowly but long term than trying it full force and failing after one week. Slow and steady wins the race.

Kyle and I are very different when it comes to following Paleo for example one time he wanted me to do no nuts, no fruit, no dairy, can you guess how long that lasted?? I was miserable and eating dairy by day 2! I got pissed at myself for not being able to do it but I was not ready! Those are all of my snacks that keep me from failing. With this, Paleo is your template! If you want to be a Lacto-Paleo with me then go for it! If you want to follow everything but eat beans then try it! It’s all about listening to your body.

Listening to your body??? My body talks to me?? Um….Yes! After the 47 days I found that me and corn are NOT friends! I found this out because sometime after Easter I  decided I ate some tortilla chips and I did not feel well afterwards so now I try to avoid corn at all costs. I also find now that when I eat carbs I start to get stuffy and congested, coincidence? I think not.

All in all, Paleo works for me and I am sure it will work for you!



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