Week 1 preparation


When getting ready for a grocery shopping trip I start by making a list of breakfasts and dinners that I want to make for the whole week. Once I get my list together I delete what I have in the the house and now I have a list of things I need from the store. After I go over breakfast and dinners, I will add my snack and fruit options to the list.

Also, when I am planning my dinners I take into account my work schedule. I try to plan crock pot meals on days I work a lot and more difficult meals on my off days.

Next I will go through the store weekly ads to see where I can get the most “bang for my buck.” One of the biggest complaints about paleo is that it can get pretty expensive when your buying all of the things you need. Things like: Meat, fish, almond butter, almond meal, organic fruits, and veggies can get pretty expensive. Don’t crucify me but I only buy organic and grass fed when it is on sale.
– Buy in bulk online or in the store
– Stock up when stuff is on sale
– Shop around
– Buy as much as you can at Aldi!

This is what my shopping list consists of for the meals I plan on making this week. I don’t have any lunch ideas on my list because I usually take left overs for lunch. But a great first week lunch idea are unwiches(deli meat wrapped in iceberg lettuce with other veggies I. E. Cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese & onions)

Shopping list for week one–
Fruits and veggies
Green beans
Mushrooms– two large mushroom caps and shiitake
Onions- 2 white and a bag of sweet
Head of lettuce
Sweet potato

Gluten free soy sauce

Ground beef
Chicken breasts
Pork chops
Deli meat- ham

Possible Snacks
Snacking and coffee are what help me get through my day. Pick your favorites!

– Nuts
– Apple sauce
– Pork rinds
– Raisins
– Tuna(tuna and mustard) stuffed Cherry tomatoes
– Baby carrots
– Sweet potato chips- http://baublesandbakedgoods.blogspot.nl/2013/06/crispy-baked-sweet-potato-chips.html?m=1
-Almond milk
– “Ants on a log”–Almond butter, celery and raisins
– Hard boiled eggs

I wake up VERY early so I look for things I can make ahead of time and be able to grab n go!

– Baked ham and egg cups- http://www.fitsugar.com/Baked-Eggs-Ham-Cups-21616192

– Eggs and bacon

– Banana with 1 cup of almond milk (unsweetened)

These are my dinner ideas for the week.

– Cuban pork chops and broccoli- http://iwasborntocook.com/cuban-pork-chops-for-krystals-baby-shower/

– Burgers with mushroom cap- ground beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard and avacado

– Spicy chicken and green beans- http://www.nutmegnanny.com/2011/07/27/honey-spiced-glazed-chicken/

– Friday- shrimp fried “rice” – http://stupideasypaleo.com/2011/10/28/cauliflower-sid/

If you are craving something sweet just Pinterest Paleo Desserts and you will get a bunch of ideas. Personally, I am really going to try and stay away from desserts but I understand that sweets are very addicting. This recipe is one of my favorites.

Fried bananas- http://rachelschultz.com/2013/05/15/fried-honey-bananas/

*I only have four dinners because there will be days I won’t want to cook and I will pick up some chipotle or jimmy johns. Also, I have a tendency of wasting food so if I do decide I want to cook another meal I will buy the food the day I need it.

Good luck with week 1!!
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

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Paleo Lent Total 40 Challenge

I am super excited to do this challenge! I am ready to get serious about what I am putting into my body. I have been doing paleo for most of February but Paleo Lent is going to be more strict. I will be eliminating dairy and limiting my nut and fruit intake. This combined with my training for the Shamrock Shuffle will help me to achieve my goal of losing 20 lbs in 40 days and, most importantly, get into the 100s!!

I am going to do my best to inspire everyone to keep on working to shred those pounds with me. I will update my blog with recipes and snack ideas.

Since June I have let myself stray away from Paleo and I am back up to 215lbs. These 15 pounds have been pissing me off, I am ready to lose the weight for good.

When I eliminate grains from my system I sleep better, have more energy, and my anxiety goes away. It is just an overall feeling of greatness. And YES my cravings all go away.

With this challenge I hope that people give Paleo a try and are convinced at the harm that grains do to our bodies. Most importantly I hope we all lose A LOT of weight!!

Where to start?– You can start by reading my first couple of entries which will help you to gather some basic knowledge on how you can start, and what you can expect.

Challenge begins Wendesday, March 5th– Do you Accept?

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Paleo Safe Cooking Oils and Butters

  • Coconut oil– This stuff is amazing! (On certain things) I love coconut oil in sweets and meats. I am not a huge fan of making eggs in coconut oil. We buy our coconut oil from Trader Joes for about $6 and the jar lasts me about a month or more. At first I used it for everything and it got old real quick but now that I have cut back it is a very nice flavor every once in a while.
  • Olive oil– No explanation needed, I use it on everything! I usually don’t discriminate against my olive oil but I just buy the huge ones from Sam’s club because I go through it so quickly
  • Ghee– Ghee is a type of clarified butter that is prepared by boiling butter and removing the residue. Spices can be added for flavor. Ghee has a long shelf life and if kept in an air tight container does not need to be refrigerated. I have never cooked with ghee but from what I hear it is better than butter
  • Butter– No lie, we still use good ol’ butter every once in a while


  • Almond butter and sunflower butter is the way to go. My favorite brand is Justin’s Maple almond butter. I put it on apples, and celery as a snack. The one crazy thing about Justin’s is it is about $10 a jar! But the good thing they do is sell individual packets and I just buy 2 or 3 of them per week and thats $3 instead of $10!

By the way, I now detest the smell of peanut butter! I never really liked it before but now I can’t even smell it.



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Hi Everyone!

I hope that this blog has helped at least one person to make the lifestyle change and start getting healthy!! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!!

Yesterday I tried some new recipes and I am really proud of myself! I decided to start cooking more chicken legs because they are cheap and you can do so much with them. At our apartment our oven doesn’t work and recently Kyle brought home the little convection oven we got at the wedding shower which made me very excited because I can now bake my meat! I put my drumsticks in a bag with a bunch of different spices: garlic powder, black pepper, oregano, cayenne pepper, & sea salt shook up the bag and it created a coating on the skin. I baked them up at 425 degrees for an hour and they came out amazing with a crispy skin! Very Mediterranean flavors to go with my Zucchini Hummus.

This girl LOVES hummus! I have been very sad that chick peas are pretty much a no go on paleo. I have read that you can eat them every once in a while but I decided to eliminate them all together so you can imagine my excitement when I found this recipe for zucchini hummus http://www.paleocupboard.com/zucchini-hummus.html I was skeptical but it really has the consistency and taste of real hummus! My Zucchini was a little bit on the ripe side so the hummus came out a tiny bit watery. Even so, It was so good I could honestly eat it with a spoon!

A very easy and delicious dinner! Today I am making a pot roast with carrots onions and mushrooms Mmmmmm!



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Sweet Tooth?….More like Sweet Teeth!

I have a huge sweet tooth which made the whole no sugar thing very difficult. This is why I eat a lot of fruit and honey since I cannot eat sugar and candy. Honestly, the fruit definitely does the trick. Also after a few weeks I didn’t even have the cravings anymore. When Kyle gets a sweet craving he sometimes gets some dark chocolate to munch on but I unfortunately do not like dark chocolate. Another thing I eat when I am craving something sweet is sweet potatoes with honey. The honey I use is fresh from the farmers market.

The one thing that we made that I was pretty impressed with was Paleo Carrot cake. http://fastpaleo.com/paleo-skinny-carrot-cake-with-coconut-cream-frosting/ There is a substitution for everything! Yes, it gets expensive but we try to make something fun and new every once in a while. When you do want to try something new, the world is your oyster, all we do is Google Paleo desserts and you get so many results. The other crazy dessert Kyle made one day was a Chocolate mouse fruit dip made from Avocados, honey, and cocoa powder! Yes avocados and it was amazing!

When I crave dessert after dinner I usually just go for my greek yogurt with fruit and honey snack and it usually its the spot. Like I mentioned after a while you won’t even crave sweets anymore and it becomes just a once in a while treat. I was surprised when I kicked the cravings because of my huge sweet tooth.

A very important thing to note is I NEVER give into temptation when it comes to sugar. Once it is out of my system I like to keep it there. One day my director said to me “C’mon Carla! One cookie is not going to kill you or ruin your diet!” He may be correct I could probably still lose weight but that’s not the point! That cookie for me is like a gateway drug, just one could send me into a sugar downfall and I do not want to take that chance.

So you caught me, My name is Carla and I am addicted to sugar and am now a recovering sugar addict 🙂



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The History of Paleo as Told by Me

The Paleothic Diet

A diet based on the consumption of wild animals and plants that our ancestors ate 10,000 years ago. The idea of hunting and gathering your own food is cleanest form of eating. You want to eat food that can be hunted and fished like meat and seafood along with foods that can be gathered like eggs, fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. You will want to exclude grains, dairy, legumes, processed oils, salt and refined sugars. We still use seat salt but I am not a huge salt person anyways.

Dairy is something that the Paleo community is very on the fence about. Some say get rid of it, some say limit it, and others say drink if you want. If you start to read about dairy farms and see the condition that these cows are in it actually pretty gross. Once I learned about this I could not look at another glass of milk the same way but me and cheese cannot part ways. I try very hard to limit myself to one piece of cheese a day. I am also a huge fan of greek yogurt. Sometimes for breakfast, lunch, snack or sometimes dinner if I am tired enough, I cut up a piece of fruit & add honey and nuts to a cup of greek yogurt. Mmmm

Fruits and Veggies I try to buy from the farmers market to keep them as clean as possible. I am also fortunate enough to live in Indiana and work with a bunch of people who have their own gardens and are willing to share with the crew! I like to joke that I have my own Lettuce and Veggie Suppliers. I will admit I may eat too much fruit which doesn’t help with my Families history of diabetes but really c’mon eating 2/3 fruits a day is not going to kill me.

Physical Activity is something I have really been lacking. It is encouraged you get out and take long walks. My husband would go out and walk 4-5 miles but to me that is just boring! Long walks and light weight training is what is recommended for me has turned to swimming and light weight training. I absolutely adore to be in the water and it is a great work out.

I am really not going to get into the health reasons for doing Paleo, only because I really do not know that much about it. Kyle is the one to ask about this kind of stuff and as soon as he gets his blog up and going I will point you in his direction.




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Why Paleo?

I’ll try and keep this sweet and simple. TRY is the key word

I left Chicago to pursue my dream job in October and that is when Kyle decided to do Paleo since I was the one against it and was not willing to make the lifestyle change he had to wait until I left. I feel like as soon as I walked out the door and hit the road he immediately started ran sacking the fridge and cupboards throwing out all of the “Poison” as he puts it. Flash forward 4 months he was down almost 50 lbs! OK OK! I’m convinced! February 9th was pretty much the day my life changed in so many ways. The sister of one of my closest friends tragically past away and I realized how precious life is and it was time to change. I decided to do Paleo Lent and commit 47 days to real weight loss and I dedicated it to Danielle.

In those days it was HARD! I just kept telling myself “Danielle would not want me to eat this” whether it was true or not I made myself believe she wouldn’t want me to eat it. I know she definitely wouldn’t want me to fail so it worked! If there was temptation around and other people were eating it I would literally have them describe the taste to me as they ate. I made it through the long 47 days and by the end I didn’t even want any of the bad stuff anymore! I found different ways to kill my cravings by getting creative. I also found my food to TASTE BETTER! Flavors for more flavorful, colors were brighter, all those cliche things. But seriously for once in my life it felt like I was really tasting my food and not just STUFFING MY FACE.

Other benefits, I was sleeping so much better than I had ever slept before. I had energy for days and I could make it through the day without needing to nap. I don’t really have aches and pains but I did notice that when getting out of bed in the morning I didn’t feel stiff or need to stretch.

and the final reason I continued with Paleo, IT WORKS!! I am definitely that person who has tried every fad diet out there. I have done south beach, weight watchers, atkins, the cayenne pepper cleanse, you name it and I have probably tried it……for one week. I always felt hungry and miserable! With Paleo I never felt restricted and I was always full. I ate my face off in meats and vegetables. I could have probably lost more weight by eating less but I would rather lose weight slowly but long term than trying it full force and failing after one week. Slow and steady wins the race.

Kyle and I are very different when it comes to following Paleo for example one time he wanted me to do no nuts, no fruit, no dairy, can you guess how long that lasted?? I was miserable and eating dairy by day 2! I got pissed at myself for not being able to do it but I was not ready! Those are all of my snacks that keep me from failing. With this, Paleo is your template! If you want to be a Lacto-Paleo with me then go for it! If you want to follow everything but eat beans then try it! It’s all about listening to your body.

Listening to your body??? My body talks to me?? Um….Yes! After the 47 days I found that me and corn are NOT friends! I found this out because sometime after Easter I  decided I ate some tortilla chips and I did not feel well afterwards so now I try to avoid corn at all costs. I also find now that when I eat carbs I start to get stuffy and congested, coincidence? I think not.

All in all, Paleo works for me and I am sure it will work for you!



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Where do I begin?

Let’s get started! Day 1

After a week of not following Paleo it is time to get back to it! The first thing I do is throw out any “bad” food I have accumulated in my fridge/cupboards this past week. I know it may be harder for you guys but if you can try to get rid of all of the bad things it helps with temptation and if you can’t then try your best to avoid it. I encourage you to get the whole family on board and get that CRAP out of the house.

Next, in order for me to follow a food routine I cannot feel like I am being restricted and I have to have a goal. So first things first, I set a date and a weight goal. For example this time around my date is August 3rd, by August 3rd I want to be 195lbs. I am currently 209.6 so that gives me 27 days to lose 14.6 lbs which I think is reachable if I focus and follow what I am suppose to do for the full 27 days. Yes I will get cravings along the way but I tell myself that if I can follow the 27 days then I can eat whatever I want that I am still craving once my 27 days is up. Once I complete my 27 days I have my binge day if I still want it and then its on to the next goal! I am motivated by results and when people can see my results it motivates me even more!

Now that I have my goal set it’s time to meal plan and go grocery shopping. My situation is a little different than most of yours 75% of my week I am by myself and I work a crazy schedule. I try to cook large meals so that I have enough for breakfast or lunch the following day. The crock pot is my best friend!

A typical grocery list for me would include these basics:


  • Grain free, Cage free Eggs (I find eggs gross so I do not skimp on this)
  • Bacon or breakfast sausage
  • Chicken sausage

Fruit: (Yes I eat A LOT of fruit! I have never heard of anyone getting fat from fruit)

  • Strawberries
  • Bananas
  • 2 Apples


  • Nuts- Cashews, Almonds, Pecans, Mix, whatever you want (Just No PEANUTS)
  • Apple Sauce
  • Dried Fruit- With no sugar added
  • Carrots
  • Plain Greek Yogurt
  • 2 Larabars (these are my saviors)

Then I have to decide what meals I’m cooking and this week I decided to make these two recipes and some baked chicken legs:

So I add all of the ingredients I need to the list and I’m off to the store. These three Meals should last me most of the week since I am going home this weekend for the Twins graduation party (Challenge #1 of my 27 days)


Let me introduce you to the Paleo Joint!! I buy 2 lunch meats, a combination of turkey, ham, chicken, and salami whatever I am feeling that week and a cheese of my choice. (the more you limit dairy the faster you will lose weight)

Once I have my meat and my 1/2 slice of cheese layed out I take a veggie like a carrot stick or a piece of yellow pepper place it on one end and roll it up! and there you have it a Paleo Joint or a Deli meat roll up, whatever you want to call it! I usually take 2 of these, an apple sauce, and a piece of fruit for lunch.

Throughout the day I will snack on nuts, pork rinds, jerky (with no sugar added) or veggies.

That is day 1 in a nut shell! Next thing we know it’ll be day 27 and 14 lbs down!

I hope I didn’t leave anything out and this helps you on where to begin. Take it one day at a time. Snack as much as you want if it makes you not eat something bad! Also, coffee helps me a lot to curb my cravings.

Keep me updated on your progress and I will continue to update the blog with new information.



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